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Skills To Pay The Bills

A good short read on some of the top skills that employers look for when reviewing potential applicants. Communication, leadership, passion, determination, expertise, reliability; these are skills that are sought after in any position in any field…and they don’t require a graduate degree.   Click here for the full article. 

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Worth A Thousand Words

I’ve been saying for some time now that when writing one’s resume, you don’t just want to describe what you’re duties were, you want to show people what you’ve accomplished. Everyone in hiring knows what an office manager does, what they really want to see is how you made unique contributions that contributed to your [...]

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A Friend in Need is A Friend Indeed

You ever find yourself stuck on something and not sure where to find help? Well, Google has that all figured out for you. Check out Helpouts By Google, where you can find tips and tricks from real people in real time. It’s neatly sorted by category, or you can just try your luck with [...]

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You Are Not Your Resume

Here is a fascinating piece on the hiring process over at Google. I encourage you to read the entire article (it’s short), but here is a choice quote:   The least important attribute they look for is “expertise.” Said Bock: “If you take somebody who has high cognitive ability, is innately curious, willing to learn [...]

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